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Great people, quick and easy, good support!!
Austin Gwinnup, SOUTH JORDAN, UT
Working with Josh was wonderful. He guided me through the whole process and was very helpful.

I had ice split my metal roof and I got it replaced.

Looking for insurance that doesn't cost arm n a leg found them better price n more insurance for my buck great company

I was impressed that Torrey answered his cell phone on a Saturday morning last year when someone backed into my car. It was very helpful to be able to talk to him right then. He has saved us money on both our car and home insurance.

I would like to leave my opinion of how I have  been treated by Insure Pro, but I don't twitter, blog or the other two that I can't think of because I don't use them, but I can send e-mails and would do that so here  goes.  I guess you still have Hilarie Blackburn as an employee as I have been working through her and she is great to work with.  I guess the service I appreciate the most is you guys (Hilarie GAL) responding to my calls or e-mails on questions I have and need an answer to real quick.  Hilarie has done that for me and it's appreciated, thanx Hilarie.  I haven't had to deal with you on a claim of any kind and I hope I don't have to, but I hope you are as quick to respond to an accident claim as you have my e-mails.  So far all my deals with you people have been on a positive note.  


Some day maybe I will get to meet Hilary(not over an accident claim) and see who I am dealing with.  Until then keep up the good work.




Arlen Peacock

I just switched insurance companies and Insure Pro helped me find the lowest rate which is totally awesome. I definitely love having a specific person to always contact when I need anything. It is more personal because my agent remembers me. I feel like I am getting more QUALITY service.

I recently switched to InsurePro because of the customer service I received. My old agency rarely answered e-mail, phone calls, or responded to messages. I am impressed with the quick and accurate communication I have received from Seth Scott and other workers at Insure Pro. The savings is a benefit but more important is the customer service.

We have dealing with Kaye Sanderson as our insurance agent for many years. She knows what she is doing and has always found us the best insurance at great prices.

Torry Wilcox is an amazing insurance agent. He helped me save a lot of money on my house and car insurance. He does the hard work, the research to find the best deals for me. He is very easy to work with and is very helpful. He is always willing to answer any questions I have.

Torry and his team have been helping me with all of my insurance needs for years. They are always quick to check on things and are available any time I call or email. They also look for ways to better save me money and I appreciate their concern. I am very happy with the service they give me and would recommend them to anyone.

I am very pleased with the rates and service I have on my home and auto insurance. Torry and his staff are very friendly and helpful.

I am currently buying my second home and needed home owners insurance and insure pro was able to beat all other prices again just like my first home. I have my car insured with them as well. I am very satisfied with them and will definitely continue to use them.

Kevin Clayton

Torrey Wilcox has always been friendly and quick in response when i have a question or an issue with my policy

Torry has been taking care of my insurance needs for a few years. Shopping insurance was pure drudgery. Now Torry does that work and I get great rates. Torry is also accessible to answer questions impartially. That is way better than asking an agent who has a vested interest in one company. I am very happy to work with Torry.

Seth Scott was great in helping us figure out exactly the right insurance we needed with all our properties and cars. We were able to even get higher insured amounts for a cheaper monthly payments, which is always a huge plus in my book! I highly recommend InsurePro!

always available when needed, quick response.. Thank you!!!
Kris, Sandy, UT
Always there for me and very responsive!

Josh has been the go-getter in my case (or very patient) with all my phone calls. They are obviously busy and sometimes take awhile to get back to me. They know their stuff and want to help and keep their clientele happy.

I was impressed at how well you followed up on my questions. I appreciate your help in not only getting a car insurance claim but other claims that pay for themselves.


Lance Sumsion

Responsive and helpful. They helped me and my daughter and son-in-law.

Great customer service and friendly agents. Saved me lots of money.

Seth Scott was helpful in helping us figure out exactly the right insurance we needed with all our properties and cars. We were able to even get higher insured amounts for a cheaper monthly payments, which is always a huge plus in my book! I highly recommend InsurePro because they saved us money and still managed to give us awesome customer benefits!

great customer service and even helped getting my other insurance canceled. Great people to work with. Thanks

Great customer service and VERY quick to respond to inquiries. Thanks for saving me some $$

I appreciate the help I received on Insuring my car saving me 100 a month Very friendly and helpfull.

Thanks again


Seth Scott is our Agent. For months my son and daughter-in-law encouraged us to give him a call. They told us how great he was and that he could save us money on our auto and home insurance. After my insurance went up again, I decided to call. Best call I've made! Wish I'd made it sooner. Seth was able to increase our coverage and lower our payments, not not just by a little, we're talking a few hundred dollars! Thank you! Very pleased!

Torrey Wilcox is my Insure Pro agent, he was very fast and helpful when I had many questions and wanted quotes on what deal I could get that was better then what I was going to be having. He found me cheaper insurance and is quick at getting me set up and taken care of. So far so good! -Cortney Farley

Kirk has been very helpful in any questions I have had, and very prompt in getting things done. I was able to save way more money, just switching everything over to you guys, and he made sure it happened. He has either answered my questions immediately, and he can't he checks on it and gets back to me, the same day! I have really enjoyed working with Kirk! Thanks for you helping us and taking good care of us!!

Torry wwas very helpful in finding me a good deal. He also took care of cancelling my previous insurance companies. He was very easy to talk to and polite on the phone. Thanks again.
Dawn Palei, Utah
Torrey Wilcox was very helpful in gettting my new husband and I car and renters insurace. Joining two lives is never easy and eveywhere that we called we got rediculously expensive car insurance quotes. After speaking with Torrey we were able to get both of our insurances for the same price I was spending on just mine alone at my other company. Thanks Torrey!
I have been very impressed with the Agency, and Brandon in particular. I am very pleased with his responsiveness and attention to detail. In addition, being able to save money with improved coverage is a big plus. I have referred several friends and family and will continue to do so...

I have absolutely been satisfied with Torry and the team. They have been always accessible, and helpful and best of all, saves us lots of $$$$

I was very impressed with Brian and his willingness to help me with all my questions. He took the time to explain everything and always asked if I understood the details of all aspects of the insurance policies. He saved me over $130/year on my old policy. I also liked that Insure Pro even goes the extra mile in helping contact the old insurance in cancelling procedures. Brian is a valuable asset to your company! Thanks Brian, great job!

Torry Wilcox has worked hard to find me a great deal. He even helped get my prior insurance canceled. He followed through with all my calls and has been helpful. I highly recommend.

Cara has such a personality, she is so easy to talk to. She took her time with me to explain everything. Insure Pro saved me money on my Car and Home Insurance. I am looking forward to working with them.

Torry Wilcox has answered all of our insurance questions promptly and efficiently. We would recommend him to everybody.

I want to say Seth and InsurePro was a lifesaver. He was able to get my insurance down to where we could afford it. He was very prompt, informative, efficient and knolegable.

I would have liked to have things done a bit quicker. Also, the cancellation of my previous insurance did not get done. I had to get it done myself. But they did find a less expensive insurance than what I had, which is worth $50 a month, very nice.
Ryan, Roy, Utah
Brian Hoyt is the definitely the one you want to speak with. When it comes to looking into different options with insurance it can usually take a lot of time and and can cause unneeded frustration. Brian, took all of that out of my hands and dove right in and took care of all the dirty work for me and really defined superior customer service. In the end, he saved me a few hundred dollars easily over the course of the year. Thanks Brian!

Seth, and all of the staff at InsurePro, have been terrific to deal with. They were quick and thorough in writing our policy and saved us a huge amount on a combined auto/home policy. With a teenage son, it was only a matter of time until we had a claim to file, and Seth again pointed us in the right direction. The car looks better now than when we bought it, and the repair shop loaned us a car while they did their thing. I have recommended them to several neighbors this year. Thanks again and happy holidays to InsurePro.

Torry is a great agent. He has always answered any question or concern promptly and is very helpful. I recommend InsurePro to family and friends and several people have been interested in getting a quote.

Torry has been great to work with. He found us killer rates on similar coverage for which we were previously paying nearly double. InsurePro has been a great company to work with, in general.

Very professional and curtious, was able to assist me when problems did arise, I feel that it was a good move and a welcome change

Torry Wilcox has done us a good review of our policy. Only need with the company for a short time. Thanks.

Torrey you have been a fabulous insurance agent..... you have helped us so much!

Insure Pro has been good to me so far. I've only been with the company for about 6 months and haven't had any claims. Torry Wilcox was good to explain everything to me.
John Christensen, Cedar Hills, Utah 84062
I have not had anything but positive experiences from the entire staff at ensure pro. They are wonderful.

We have had great experiences with Insure Pro so far. We have only been wih the company for 6 months. Torry W. has been good to explain things well to us. Thanks,
Pat Christensen, Cedar Hills, Utah 84062
I have always loved this insurance co. but the other day i need to get a chip fixed and they were prompt and helpful. They are great.

Saved us a ton of money and we couldn't be happier. Plus, free movie night once a year!

We think that you guys are great!

I have been with InsurePro a few years. Never been happier with an insurance agency!

Call these guys for car and home insurance. Thay are the greatest help!

I've been a InsurePro customer for about 2 years now and love them. They were able to save me a few hundered $s by switching to a cheaper insurance company. And as an added bonus they are even taking me to the new Bond movie, Skyfall, for free tonight. Great company, always quick to respond and very helpfull

Insure Pro was really easy to work with and were very patient with us. We have very busy lives but so they were sure to make things as easy as possible. they were very respectful and courteous. We also saved money and other great perks.
InsurePro has been fantastic! Everytime I call, my questions are answered right away. They always try to shop the best rates for me and have excellent recommendations. I'm so glad I do business with InsurePro.
Kirk has been great to work with..
Colleen Baird, Utah 84116
We enjoy the movie every year. and have had no problems with our insurance. one of the lower rates for coverage
Ryan Hacking, EM Utah
Insure Pro is so easy to work with and we have saved so much money by switching to them! I only wished I would have switched over sooner! I'm spending less for far more coverage!

has been very helpful in getting the insurance needs of our small company done. Well informed and courteous.
Sue Cole
InsurePro is always diligent and helpfull when a change needs to be made to our insurance policy

love all the things you all have done to help us save money. we have 3 teenage drivers and we need all the savings we can get. great customer service! Thank you
denise jepperson
Great company I never had a problem signing up or even refinancing my home. I left a message and they got back to me quickly and everything went smoothly.
Brandon has been awesome to work with. He is always prompt in getting back to us with any question or concern that we have. He is friendly and professional to work with and knows us personally. We are more than just a name to him. We would highly recommend Insurepro to anyone. Kevin and Jodie Visker

I was extremely impressed with Insure Pro. Torry Wilcox is an excellent agent to work with. My previous insurance companies cannot have come close to their deal. Thank you Insure Pro!

I was extremely impressed with Insure Pro. Torry Wilcox is an excellent agent to work with. My previous insurance companies cannot have come close to their deal. Thank you Insure Pro!

Torrey is quintessecial "man"...I call he gets it done. The perk is he has always given me the lowest rate available. Great customer service and most importantly, the follow through. Thanks Torrey

We became a customer of Insurepro a year ago and its was a very good decision. Our agent looked for the best policies for our family. We got better coverage and saved money.

we just started with you but so far have been pleased and best price ever

I have been very pleased with Insure Pro. I was shopping for insurance recently and realized I could not get better service. I have referred everyone I know because I get the lowest prices and best service of any company I deal with.

we are happy with Insure Pro, they are saving us alot of money with twice the coverage almost. So we are very happy with the help that Seth has given too us!
Jenifer Bennion, Draper, Ut

We are new to InsurePro and so far we are very impressed by the service, not only do we have better coverage on our car and house, but we got it at the same price we were paying already for lesser coverage from our previous insurer. I also really love that this company has customer appreciation events and just so you know that they really want you to take advantage of these events they email and personally call you. I would definitely recommend InsurePro.

InsurePro and specifically Brian Hoyt was great to work with moving my insurance coverage and provided great rates! I would highly recommend working with them.

InsurePro saved me SO much money on my car/condo insurance. My husband and I are both in school full time and working as much as possible to make ends meet, InsurePro makes it all easier by helping us save money!

Brandon, I am very impressed with the first claim that we have had the unfortunate chance to have to do.

However you guys are outstanding. You were quick and the repairs to my truck were done in days.

Thank you for taking care of this. Very appreciated. Joe V.

We are extremely pleased with the service we received from InsurePro. Torry is a great agent and was able to save us over $700 a year with our new homeowners and car insurance policies! In addition to the savings, our insurance coverage is even better than it was before!

InsurePro has been the best insurance company I have ever gone through. They were able to get me better rates than I was getting from the same company. For less than what I was paying, I was able to get better coverage and a renter's policy. The staff is always great and quick to return calls and make sure their customers are satisfied. I have recommended them to everyone I know.

I am very happy with the service that Kirk Chester provided. He helped me change to a company that gave me much better rates on my car insurance. He was responsive to our concerns.

I economized $100.00 monthly in my cars insurance and it is great for me. Brandon brought me your proposals to my home. Thanks Guys !!! good job !!!

Because of Seth Scotts help we are saving alot on our auto and home insurance. In these economic times every bit of savings helps. The transition was smooth and easy from our old company to the new ones. I also appreciate that if we have questions we can call Seth and are not being passed off to someone else unless necessary. Thank you Seth for everything.

Torry did an amazing job of helping us find the best (and most affordable) home, auto, and health plans. We were able to insure two cars for $25 a month less than we were paying for one before we switched. Aside from the savings the level of service and knowledge can't be beat. I have already recommended him to family and friends!

Iam really glad I switched to InsurePro they have saved me a lot of money.

Seth Scott and his assistant have been great. I've had alot of questions & concerns, and had to make alot of changes. They have been very patience with me, prompt and professional. They have been able to save me money and get the coverage I need.

I am glad that I kept in touch with Torry because when I needed to switch insurances, he was definitely the right one to use. They saved us nearly $600/yr.

I rarely take sales calls on my home phone, but I sure am glad I did this time! Kurt Chester at InsurePro was able to save me about $300 dollars (per 6 months) on my car insurance! Kurt was easy to work with, responsive, and tentative to my needs and requests. I highly recommend him and InsurePro to anyone looking to save a little cash.

We have been very happy with InsurePro and with Brandon Scott. Their insurance referral and assistance with any claims or questions has been wonderful! Thanks!!

“I highly recommend Seth Scott for any both personal and business insurance. He is an expert. Most people don't have time to worry about insurance. Seth has always made sure I don't have to.” May 24, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

1stChris Magleby,

Torry, you've done a terrific job with our recent insurance purchases. I don't think anyone would have given us the level of skill, service and knowledge that you have provided. You've done a great job and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you, thank you.
Lee S.

Tyler W said...

Torry, we are extremely pleased with our recent change in home and auto insurance. You spent the time and effort to find an insurance package that not only met our needs, but saved us a ton in annual premiums. The level of service you provided was exceptional and we have and will continue to refer you to friends and family.


“I have been fortunate to have Seth as my insurance agent for the last couple of years. I have chosen to work with Seth because of his high integrity, work ethic, and looking after my best interests. I have also sought Seth's advice on numerous occasions in regards to business development, sales, and marketing strategy. I would be happy to speak with anyone and recommend Seth's services.” December 10, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1stSteve Martin,

Lynn Dahlberg said...

I never liked dealing with Insurance agents until You became my agent. I have quite a few properties to keep track of and you have made my life easier by providing me with professional, yet personal service beyond what I have been used to in the past. Your prices were always better and your service is prompt and accurate. Thanks so much for being the agent I am always happy to refer to my clients and friends.

Lynn Dahlberg

Libby said...

I worked with Seth at InsurePro. It was very fast and easy to get a quote and we saved almost $300/year with our new auto policy. It's totally worth your time to get a quote--they do all of the work.


I could not be happier! I went from Progressive where I thought that I had found the least expensive insurance to a superior policy, a lower deductible and on top of it all I am saving a significant amount of money on my premiums. I wish that I would have switched months ago!



"" With gas prices and other bills going up it was refreshing to find that we could save money on our monthly insurance bill by switching over to InsurePro for auto, home and life. We're paying less and have better coverage. Thanks Seth!!

“Seth is an expert in the Insurance business. He takes each new client seriously by providing them with a comprehensive overview of their options. Seth has been my family's insurance agent for 6 years, and he continues to provide insurance services at the best value.” December 10, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

1stCandice Sherman,

"" we had some questions about our old insurance company, and insure pro called up just at the right time to answer these questions and at a better price.

 Kristi ‎ -
Insure Pro saved us hundreds of dollars and have been wonderful to work with. Thorough, friendly, and helpful on all ends. I recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks, Torry!

I moved to Utah and stumbled upon insurepro while looking for insurance online. They were able to cut my price in half. They saved my wife about 30 dollars a month and got her better coverage. I told my friend about it he went from paying 100 dollars a month for liability to 70 dollars a month with a fully loaded full coverage policy. I made a claim a month or two after we switched and it was smooth and easy. No compaints, great customer service.  Josh K

Lily ‎ - May 17, 2011
We have really enjoyed the fast and efficient service this company has provided us. We will certainly recommend them to our friends and family. They offer the best rates and friendly service. Very people oriented.

Deborah ‎ - May 17, 2011
Insure pro has been great helping me get a lower rate than anywhere else, and the are so helpful and friendly!

We were able to save money with InsurePro helping us. They took care of most of the paper work and made it really easy to switch companies.  Asharette            

I was recommended to Insure Pro from a coworker of mine. First I would like to say that Brandon Scott was very helpful with getting car insurance quotes for me a year ago. He found the lowest rate possible and a great plan for full coverage. The rate I got was $100 less than what Progressive or any of the other well advertised companies could offer me. Also the coverage wasn't comparable. Also, just recently I bought a home and the home insurance is about average in comparison to other companies, but because I combined it with my auto insurance I got a discount and Brandon reviewed a lot of paper work to see what was covered by my HOA fees. He was diligent in his background and research and made everything very easy for me. I would highly recommend Insure Pro for any one looking for insurance. 

Annie ‎ - May 10, 2011
Insure Pro is a great company and they helped me sign up for my dental insurance! I have been very happy with them and it took two seconds to sign up! What a great team! Annie

“Seth is knowledgeable and effective in the insurance industry. He is looking for innovative services for his clients to give them the best service possible. I would recommend and hope to continue to work with Seth.” January 6, 2011

1stJudi Harrison, Director of Sales, Health Behavior Innovations

Insure Pro--Quick, Easy way to save Money

by Holly Heffron at Citysearch

Working with Insure Pro was quick and easy. They were able to save me hundreds of dollars on both my auto and home insurance policies!

Everything was done online, so I could review and sign the forms at my convenience. They follow up to make sure everything is working properly.

I highly recommend this agency to anyone who wants to save money on their insurance needs!

I have had several different policies and several different agents. When I signed up with insurepro and they said how great they were at customer service I decided to try out the customer service AFTER I purchased the policy. It more then exceeded my expectations. Seth will be my insurance agent forever!!!

David P.

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