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Carrier Information
Each health, dental, and benefits company provides useful tools and resources on their websites, and most companies also have online account access with even more information.  Visit our company links page to access the company you have your policy with.
Useful Links
Below is a list of useful websites and resources that we have found that can help you save money on your medical procedures and prescriptions, compare doctors and facilities, get general health and wellness information, and more.  We have NO affiliation with any of these sites, and we have found these sites to be useful for clients, but please use at own risk.  Check out these useful links: - Gives estimates of how much individual providers are paid by insurers. - Offers a suggested "fair" price for services.  The information come from a database of rates paid by private insurers. - One of the leading banks to provide Health Savings Accounts (HSA).  Useful educational material available to learn more about HSA plans. - Publication 502 of the IRS gives you information on what medical and dental expenses are tax deductible, and also fall into a qualified medical, dental, or vision expense for a Health Savings Account (HSA). 
Maternity Hospital Programs - Prepayment labor & delivery packages for families with none or limited maternity coverage.  Receive up to a 40% discount for prepayment.  Please call the Patient Account Services at the hospital you plan on delivering at prior to delivering to work this out directly with the hospital.  Click here to check provider directories and get hospital contact information. - Save on prescriptions and get access to Specialist Pharmacists.  Useful information and tools for prescriptions. - Have an expert review and negotiate a reduction in your medical expenses with doctors and facilities.  You only pay when you save money! - Get providers' list medical prices from Medicare information.  Compare medical procedure costs, information on medical facilities, and save money on quality medical providers. - Search engine to help consumers find pricing information on various Websites. - Website that allows consumers to search for quality healthcare providers in the your area and compare their prices for specific procedures.  Healthcare providers post their fees, including reductions for payment with cash or credit card.  This site is designed to make healthcare affordable for people seeking elective procedures, who have high deductibles, or no insurance. - Huge savings on prescriptions for as little as $4.95/mo for a family if you don't have insurance, or to supplement your insurance.  Site also has other useful information about prescriptions. 
Utah Department of Health - Useful health information and resources specific to Utah.  News, health & safety tips, health services, and more. - A website for doctor reviews and ratings. - This is one of the most comprehensive websites about anything related to medical conditions, prescriptions, procedures, etc.  This is a very valuable and helpful website.
Government Programs

CHIP - Children's Health Insurance Program - Provides comprehensive health insurance for the uninsured children of families who qualify.

HIP Utah - Utah Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool - HIP Utah is a state-run program for people with high health risks and don't qualify for group or individual/family health insurance.  HIP Utah is administered by SelectHealth.  PLEASE CONTACT US TO APPLY!

Medicaid - Provides medical assistance to low-income families, children, pregnant women, and disabled and elderly individuals.

PCN - Primary Care Network - Provides primary preventive health coverage for uninsured adults.

UPP - Utah's Premium Partnership for Health Insurance - Provides families with a monthly premium reimbursement when a previously uninsured individual or family enrolls in an employer (group) health plan. Qualified families will receive up to $150 per person per month.

Utah Clicks - Utah Clicks allows families to apply online for the following programs: Baby Watch; Baby Your Baby; Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN); Early Head Start and Head Start. The Utah Clicks website has a brief description of each program on its home page.