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With all of the different types of insurance out there, dental insurance may not be your first priority; however, studies show oral health is very important to your overall health, and there are many affordable dental insurance plans to make sure you are getting the proper dental care.  MOST PEOPLE THAT DON'T HAVE DENTAL INSURANCE ALSO TEND TO PUT OFF GOING TO THE DENTIST EVERY 6 MONTHS LIKE THEY SHOULD.  THAT WOULDN'T BE YOU THOUGH RIGHT?
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There are some great options for dental insurance for individuals and families. We truly feel like the premium paid for our most popular dental insurance plans pay for themselves with the 100% coverage you get for preventative care (cleanings and exams every 6 months), and then you also get all the benefits of the other covered treatments after that.

Most companies have 3 different dental plan options:

1. Discount Plan - These are great plans to just provide discounts, and are worth every penny.  They have no waiting periods to get discounts, but usually require a 1 year contract.

2. Copay Plan - These are our most popular plans, and provide the best value for general dentists.  No annual limits, 100% preventative covered upfront, and basic (fillings, etc) and major procedures (root canals) covered with great benefits.  These plans only cover general dentists, and then give you a 20-25% discount on specialists or orthodondists.  There is a short waiting period for basic and major procedures to prevent someone from picking up the plan for this, and then just dropping it after. 

3. Coinsurance Plan - These plans pay out a little richer benefits typically, and cover general dentists and specialists.  However, these plans typically have annual limits of $1,000 per person, and will also still have short waiting periods for basic and major procedures. 

Our most popular individual and family plans options:


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